Dawn's Salon: Let's Talk

Imagine a sumptuous, safe space where you can laugh, cry and exchange ideas.

A place where somebody's shared experience helps you realise you're not alone, and where professionals help you see things in new and unexpected ways.

Where we ease your worries, celebrate your successes and give you tips to enjoy Love, Sex and Life ...

Well, imagine no longer!

The Dream

For a good few years now, I have wanted to reach out to more people in a slightly less formal way. I wanted to create a more conversational space than a therapeutic one, a space where a small group could get together and through talking openly, myself and another expert could help people unpick and start to solve whatever issue is holding them back. Part girls'/boys' night in, and part live agony column, I wanted this to be a MeetUp group like no other.

So, this January, I'm excited (and to be honest, a teeny, tiny bit nervous) to be launching Dawn's Salon, to be held on the third Wednesday of every month at The Drawing Room, Kimpton Hotel Charlotte Square Edinburgh from 7-9pm. The Kimpton Drawing Room is utterly beautiful; glamorous yet comfortable. It was the only option for me, as I envisaged a group of women, men or teenagers sitting with feet up in comfy seats, listening intently, lost in thought, or guffawing loudly at something someone had said!

The Glamour

The Drawing Room, while spacious, can only accommodate fifteen people at most, which makes it perfect for this event. It's important to me that everyone has an opportunity to participate in the way that suits them, whether it's having their dilemma discussed, a problem shared, or if they simply want to listen. Anyone who has done therapy work with me knows that absolutely believe that you are the expert in your own life, and so my guest and I will be helping you plug into that magical part of you that knows all you need to know - as well as sharing our stories and tips.

Just like the salons of the 19th century, you'll revel in the experience of free speech with like-minded individuals and leave feeling heard, inspired and open to exciting new possibilities about yourself ...

The Launch

The first Dawn's Salon night is launching with a bang - by talking about banging! Our topic is 5 Ways to Improve Your Sex Life, with guest contributor Tabitha Rayne, erotica writer and designer of award-winning sex toy, The Ruby Glow. But we're going to cover more than just the mechanics of sex. We'll be helping you unlock yourself. Freeing you from self-consciousness, helping you discover the Sex God/dess you truly are. And if you have a specific question, we'll explore that too.

Love, Sex and Life

The work that my clients and I do together cover many subjects, but they can all be covered by three words: Love, Sex and Life. The Salon Nights will be no different, so I intend to have a new topic announced every month, covering subjects as wide-ranging as self-confidence, dating, keeping romance alive, the menopause, grief, and how to make positive changes in your life. And my fervent wish is that we create a community where you request certain subjects to cover, and we begin a conversation that inspires and fires up all of us. All I want in life is for people to love and accept themselves - that way, we wouldn't be so hard on others. And if I can start you on the road back to You, then The Salon will have achieved everything I dream for it.

The guests I have lined up so far are some of the most inspriring and talented women I know. As well as Tabitha, I'll be talking self-image and how to subvert the male gaze with photographers Rebecca Holmes and Ellie Clinch, as well as sharing conversation with women's and LGBTQI rights champion Samera Ashraf MBE, Humanist Celebrant Caroline Pearson, and many more.

Bring your questions, your dilemmas and your curiosity. I'll supply the drinks.

To find out more about January's event don't hesitate to PM Dawn at www.facebook.com/DawnThomsonUK or DM @dawnsthomson

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