Moving on from being dumped...the first steps

Being dumped is awful and can really knock your self- confidence, but there are lots of things you can do to get over it! Below are a few steps to help you get over your ex.

It's not you, its him

Just because you were the one to get dumped doesn’t mean that you’re not a lovely person – you are. You’re just not the one for him. And although it might not feel like it right now, he’s done you a favour, because now you’ll be free to be with that really special someone when the time’s right.

Be your own best friend

Don’t spend time blaming yourself for the things that went wrong with your ex; it won’t bring him back and you’ll only make yourself feel worse. Be good to yourself instead. Pamper yourself and treat yourself just like your best mate would  – kindly and with care. Buy yourself some flowers and chocolates; go and do somethiing that makes your heart sing. You've had a rough ride, give yourself the love and support that you think you've lost.

Rebuild your confidence

Write down at least 20 things that make you the fab person you are. Get your best mates to help you if you get stuck. Look at the list every night before you go to bed to remind yourself of how fantastic you are and soon enough, you’ll start believing it again.

Keep busy by staying present

When you start feeling down, get up and get back into the game. Read your confidence list, arrange to meet a mate, or throw yourself into a hobby – better still, start something new that you’ve always fancied doing! Keeping busy, and focusing on what is happening in the present moment will stop you dwelling in the past and soon a week will have passed and you’ll realise that you haven’t thought about your ex once…

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