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I am an energy psychologist and relationships coach. I help people improve their relationship with themselves and their relationships with other people.

My clients are able to transform their lives by working with me to release any beliefs or experiences that have been holding them back. Using an individually tailored approach, I help them reconnect with their authentic gifts and personal power, and start to live life their way whilst remaining fully supported. Only when you are truly happy in yourself will you be happy in any other situation life brings, and that is the foundation of my work - love yourself and the rest will follow.

I don’t believe in the concept of ‘personal development’. I believe that everything you will ever need in your life you already have. Rather, I believe in a Return to your Authentic Self - and by rediscovering and reconnecting with your authentic self, your life will be transformed. This is particularly important to me, especially in my work with young people as they seek to find out who they are going to become. I want everybody to see how wonderful they really are, to see that they are as important as anybody else, to embrace their beauty and their value.

I am an Emotional Freedom Technique Master, a Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner and a HypnoBirthing Childbirth Educator. I’m also fully-insured, a member of the British Institute of Hypnotherapy & NLP and the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council, the only register of complementary or alternative therapists to be recognised by the Department of Health. I employ a combination of the techniques above depending on what works most effectively for the client's individual needs and sessions with me are a fun, interesting voyage of self-discovery. Most importantly, the sessions ignite lasting change in the lives of the people I work with.

There's a reason why I'm so passionate about helping others live a life of emotional freedom. It's because, essentially, I’ve been where you are. I’ve had a fair share of pain, shame, self-doubt and traumatic experiences in my life. I grew up feeling different, a bit weird, and I was embarrassed about not fitting in. Now I realise that it’s those differences that make me the person I really am, and it’s liberating and powerful for me to truly understand that. Of course, I still have to deal with life’s ups and downs just like everybody else, but now the lows are short-lived and the highs are everywhere to be enjoyed. And I’m keen to share what I’ve learned with you. In fact, check out my TEDx talk below to see exactly what I mean!

The range of tools and techniques that I use work … because they worked for me. And without having done that work, I am convinced that I wouldn't be in the situation in which I now find myself: happily-married to the Love of My Life, with two amazing daughters, a lovely home and a car, and a life filled with purpose.

If you want to feel happier and more powerful in any area of your life, please do explore the site to find out more, or get in touch and we can have a chat about how I can help. Remember, it’s what makes you different that makes you so special and wonderful. The way your mind works. The way you react to things. Everything we do together hinges on you - you’re the expert in your own life. I facilitate you, guide you, give you pause for thought, help you reprogram things. Help you live the life you want.

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