Being yourself is hard. It really is, especially when we are being constantly drip-fed the message that we aren’t good enough - the media continually bombards us with articles and TV shows on how to improve ourselves, whether it be the way we look, the way we think, or how we do things. t’s no wonder that anxiety is pandemic in our society nowadays.

The negativity that you’re carrying may take many different forms. It could be a result of childhood conditioning; for example, your parents warning you not to show off, get ahead of yourself, or just to get on with things. Teachers saying you wouldn’t amount to anything - even your friends telling you that you were ‘square’. It could be the result of a traumatic event you have suffered: assault, bullying, divorce, even childbirth. It could be social norms: feeling pressure to be thinner when you’re naturally a size 16, or feeling you need to fit into some other social stereotype.

My message to you is: you’re enough. You’re more than enough. Once you release the negative beliefs that you’re carrying about yourself, your personal power, charisma and freedom to make choices all increase. See yourself differently, live your life differently, and step into a world of self-confidence, trust and happiness.

Releasing negative baggage and beliefs is invaluable if you want to:


My work with children as young as 7 has helped them with all sorts of issues. As well as those already mentioned, my young clients have worked on improving eating disorders, exam and performance stress, separation anxiety, and bullying, finding their own personal strength through emotional release and practical tools.

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