No matter where you go, sex is practically everywhere you look. There are hundreds of books and articles all advising us on how to have The Greatest Sex Ever, but unless you clear any emotional and mental blocks that we have around the subject, no amount of technique is going to give you the sex life you desire.

How can you tell if something is holding you back? Well, you might feel nervous at the thought of being intimate with a partner. You might feel embarrassed, or believe that sex is a shameful act, so you avoid going there at all. You might experience problems with sexual performance, or worry that you aren't attractive enough. Or you might be medicating yourself with frequent casual sex. You might be conflicted about your sexual orientation, or you might have been subject to some traumatic episode in your past that prevents you from truly accepting your sexual self. The ways in which you experience the blocks are individual to you, but the good news is they can all be released to enable you to truly express yourself sexually, in safety and with confidence.

Some of the issues my clients have come to me for help with include:

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