Whatever’s holding you back is caused by a block in your body’s energy system

EFT lies at the very heart of my practice, and is the modality that brings my clients on the furthest in the quickest time. It is an energy psychology, which means like acupuncture, it works with the body’s energy fields and channels (called meridians).

The Eastern ancients of China, India, Japan and Tibet long ago discovered that there is a complex series of channels running through the body through which our life force, or chi, flows. Life was considered to be phenomenon comprising of our bio-electricity and vibration, and modern science is now catching up with that assertion.

"Every atom/molecule emits and absorbs light of characteristic wavelengths" Professor V.S Letokhov

We are essentially a field of energy engaging with other energy fields - we are electromagnetic in nature and science uses this in machines like MRI scanners and ECG's.

Scientists at Seoul National University have recently confirmed that meridians do exist, calling them the ‘primo-vascular system’. They report that this primo-vascular system is, in fact, the physical manifestation of meridian channels (Azriel ReShel, Uplift, April, 2016).

Any imbalance in our essential life energy can cause physical and mental issues, leading to any number of related symptoms. Our beliefs have their own energy, and are capable of disrupting our innate healing energy.

These disruptions or blocks are easily released using EFT, which involves tapping on meridian points around the body whilst the client gives the attention to the issue that’s holding them back. Once the blocks are released, they report feeling lighter, happier, and sometimes a little bit spaced out - due to the brain moving down to a more relaxed wavelength!

Once these blocks have been released, they are gone for good. Then, and only then, will you be able to perceive things more clearly and positively and this is when your positive affirmations and your Positive Mental Attitude will really start to pay dividends. Because now, if you think you can, you really can.

I am an Emotional Freedom Technique Master and can help you get results with EFT.

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