Hypnosis as most of us know it is a deep, safe, relaxing altered state that closes down all mental chatter and allows your subconscious mind to open up in an experience very similar to guided meditation.

While in this relaxed state, your mind can be retrained through positive suggestion and creative visualisation to help you achieve anything you desire.

The process harnesses the power of the mind and can improve all aspects of your life. Some people are wary of undergoing hypnosis in case they are persuaded to do something they don't want to do. Because we are working with your own mind, your subconscious will not make you do anything that you do not consider to be in your best interests, so nobody can be made to do anything against their will.

However, as some people are so wary of conventional hypnosis, I now offer a recently new phenomenon in the world of hypnosis - non-trance hypnosis.

It gets the same life-changing results as conventional hypnosis but without the need to be taken down into a trancelike state.

It works by us working together to get communication with your subconscious mind through ideomotor signals, or body movements, and asking direct questions of your subconscious rather than making suggestions. Your subconscious mind is speaking to you all the time, feeding back information, and now you can learn how to access this inner strength and knowing without spending time in the chair ‘drifting off’. It’s efficient, it’s clear, and it gives you the power to improve your life at a deep, lasting level. 

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