NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) works on three interconnected levels:

  1. how we think (neuro-);
  2. how we communicate verbally and through body language (linguistics); and
  3. our emotional and behavioural patterns (programming).

We all have our unique model of the world, based on our life experiences and our interpretations of these experiences. This model is what we use to make sense of the world around us. NLP provides us with a range of tools and techniques to use in order to make sure our model of the world is working for us in all areas of our life and to help us communicate effectively with ourselves and others - all of whom have their own individual model!

By reconfiguring these patterns of behaviour and modifying communication with self and others, my clients are able to achieve their goals more easily, improve their relationships and reclaim their power in their own individual way and in whichever areas they choose.

NLP can work for all sorts of individuals and, whether used on its own or combined with EFT or Non-trance hypnosis, it can deliver real, life-changing results.

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