I offer a 9-Step program for people who’d like to work on a one-to-one basis, and a 12-Step program for couples who would like to work together. These usually take place every week via Skype, although I am able to work with you in person if you live in or around Edinburgh (or you’re willing to travel!). The 9-Step program, although 9 sessions in total, takes place over 12 weeks. The 12-Step program takes place over 4 months.

9 or 12 steps? That sounds a lot to me …

A lot of people ask me why the program is so long. I want to reassure you that there are good reasons for this. Firstly, it’s important that you have the space and time to really explore your inner emotional landscape, with me walking beside you as your faithful and loyal guide.

Secondly, taking the steps to make personal change and improve your life can be daunting for a lot of people. You have to be really ready for that transformation because if you aren’t, it’s too tempting to retreat back to your old comfort zone, whether it was a good place for you or not.

Thirdly, it’s imperative that once you’ve made those changes and you feel wonderful, you have time to really live with your new-found self-esteem and happiness. Your changes might make some people around you uncomfortable for a bit, and you might experience issues with those who can’t quite get their heads around your transformation. I will be on hand during those early days of your newly-found self-confidence and joy, offering support and encouragement and making sure we mop up any residual negativity that might surface unexpectedly.

So, in order that you have time to enjoy living differently in the real world, there is a gap of a fortnight between the last two sessions.

When I put it like that, the process doesn’t seem quite so long, does it? Three months to improve your life in any way you choose. It’s kind of worth putting the investment in.

What techniques will you be using on me?

As you probably know by now, I practice Emotional Freedom Technique, Neurolinguistic Programming and non-trance hypnosis, so my toolbox is vast. This means that we have a number of techniques at our disposal and the answer to this question is: whichever techniques suit you best. You’ll be leaving the program with tools that can use for life, so it makes sense that you learn thrones you enjoy working with best.

What can I expect from the sessions?

A lot of people aren’t quite sure what to expect from the sessions, and that might seem a little daunting. Please let me reassure you that there’s nothing to fear - in fact, sessions usually end up a lot of fun, no matter how intense or traumatic your situation might feel to you at first. They are your sessions - I am just walking the path with you on your road to more self-confidence or a better sex life or becoming more lucky in love. I work in dialogue with you, so please contribute as much as want. There is no judgement in any of my sessions. Just understanding, support - and a big bag of tools to help you!