T on sex

Following three harrowing years of infertility, I was delighted when our baby daughter finally arrived. However, my (previously happy) attitude to sex was profoundly affected by the relentlessness of the fertility treatments and my continuing failure to conceive.  Thankfully, Dawn gently helped me to brush away the build-up of negative associations and enabled me to think about sex as fun and carefree again.

TH, London

Anonymous on long-standing issues

I saw Dawn for various reasons and always had excellent results.  I had never had EFT before and for me the mix of EFT, NLP and/or hypnosis really worked.  I really appreciated that Dawn focussed on the primary/most important aspect of the issue at that time.  Dawn advised that the other aspects regarding the issue can be resolved as everything processes over the few days after seeing her, and I found this to be the case.  I could feel the processing happening at many levels for several days.  Working with the subconscious in addition to the conscious mind was so powerful.

After one session my behaviour was the complete opposite to the (negative) behaviour I had used daily for years which was so shocking I found it hard to believe.  Wonderful and miraculous.  Dawn taught me simple techniques to use myself so I can relax more and so on, which have been invaluable.  I found my sessions with Dawn to be far more cost effective than treatments I tried previously as the work is permanent.

I will DEFINITELY work with Dawn again if the need arises.

I haven’t felt this much like me in a long time. Thank you!

B, happy client


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