Dawn, you’re a wee gem and work magic - (my partner) is a lot more settled in himself, thanks

T on pain relief

Two words - it works’

B on fear of flying

What Dawn has done to me has now changed my life ....I hated flying and always used to be sick after landing with each flight. Now I don't even think about it, I can eat and drink on flights...talk to people. I had only one session with her and boy has it worked for me. You truly are the best and I would recommend it to everyone. Thanks

A on finding motivation

Dawn has a natural talent for moving people towards their goals.  A great listener, she has the knack of asking the right questions at just the right moment. She is focused yet relaxed, results-oriented yet sensitive to her clients’ needs.  A warm personality with a cool head: a visit to Dawn is highly recommended.

R on relationships and body image

I had a session of EFT with Dawn and it was revolutionary.

EFT and Dawn’s use of creative visualisation allowed me to have successful breakthroughs in the following areas:

  1. Family (issues with my family were put it in their proper perspective);
  2. Weight (everyone who saw me in the days following commented on how great I looked and the amount of weight that I had lost);
  3. Personal Relationships.

As a result of that session I had with Dawn my life is profoundly changed for the better. Thank You Dawn

E on life’s purpose

"Having approached NLP with openminded scepticism, I was absolutely astonished by the immediate effect that just one session with Dawn could have.  I continued to be astonished as over the coming weeks and months, with the assistance of a further couple of sessions with Dawn, my life felt like it had been picked up and placed firmly back on the right track.  No longer the open minded sceptic, I would recommend this to anyone who is ready to unlock their full potential.  Amazing.

T on parenting

As parents of a lively 22 month old son we were getting used to being constantly kept on our toes and being ‘on the go’ but what I was shocked by was how that lively toddler seemed to turn overnight into a moody, contrary, tantrum filled nightmare… But what was really shocking (and really upsetting) was my response to him when this behaviour happened – which seemed to be at least 2 or 3 times a day. Everything seemed to be a constant battle of wills often ending up in me shouting/screaming and smacking which had absolutely no positive effect. I would end up very upset, guilty and remorseful.

During one honest and open session with Dawn this situation had completely changed. Of course our son hasn’t overnight changed into an angel but what has changed is my response to his (perfectly normal toddler) behaviour. This isn’t coincidence but something that Dawn has enabled me to achieve myself – and for that I am indebted.

F on motivation

Feedback: felt negative pattern coming on this afternoon, but when I got home something tripped and I found myself sorting stuff instead of sofa surfing. I’m now about to do an hour of coursework. You’re pure magic, you are!

A on childhood issues

One session with Dawn has completely changed my life. Issues that have affected my life since childhood are gone and I can now concentrate on living in the now. It is an amazing experience and it was amazing how fast these problems just melted away after so many years. Dawn is very understanding and friendly and I would recommend her to anyone.

I truly cannot thank you enough for working your magic earlier. I was REALLY on the edge and you brought me back.

E, discussing depression treatment


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